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NIIT Foundation works towards bridging the inequality in education in the schools serving the underprivileged vis-a-vis the ones meant for the financially well off. NIIT Foundation works towards equalizing the computer education through a computer education program meant for the schools.

IT Wizard is a unique ‘Computer Education program’ for schools from NIIT Foundation. It equips the students with core as well as advanced computer knowledge and IT skills. In this program a school gets complete and integrated IT education program for Grades 1st to 12th with a well-defined syllabus on the lines of NCERT, teaching and learning content, books for students, NIIT Foundation trained faculty, as well as graded certification of students. The course and software are priced very nominally to ensure everyone is able to take advantage of the same.

Features of IT Wizard:
1. Computer-based-interactive trainings
2. Structured Faculty guides with session plans and Structured Courseware
3. In-built quizzes and practicals.
4. Class/Lesson Plan provided for the whole year.
5. 3-year deployment plan to ensure school is at grade level after 3 years.

Infrastructure Requirement:
1. A separate computer lab.
2. At least 10 computers with basic configuration and ability to run basic MS Office software.
3. A full-time computer teacher.
4. A speaker set and LCD/Projector, if available

Other information is as under:
1. Since the program is in English, it is expected that English is taught as a subject in the school.
2. Syllabus for each grade can be completed in 32 hours.
3. Bridge course provided in first-year to brings students up to level.

If you run/manage a school meant for the underprivileged or a Corporate/CSR supporting such school and would like to run his program, please get in touch with us by emailing at