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Q. What is DLC?

A. DLC stands for District Learning Center and presently there are 2 DLCs operational at Chhindwara and Barkuhi in Madhya Pradesh. DLCs target employability enhancement in rural youth.

Q. What is CDC?

A. CDC stands for Career Development Center and there are 16 CDCs operational in Delhi and NCR. 3 CDCs are coming up in Jaipur, Rajasthan and 3 more will come in Delhi. CDCs target employability generation.

Q. What is N Reach?

A. NF provides course on Basic IT to other NGOs that are engaged in teaching the under privileged Indians. Under the program NF also trains and certifies the IT trainers employed in these NGOs. After completion of the course students get certificate from NF. This is NF’s N Reach Program (earlier known as NGO Accreditation program). You may contact Amit Arora at for more details about this and our school programs.

Q. What is the process of getting admission in CDCs and DLCs?

A. You may contact us through the website or you can visit any of our centers.

Q. Can I join as a volunteer in any of the programs?

A. Yes, you can volunteer your time, skills, effort etc. for any of our programs. We will be privileged to provide you a platform, please click on this link to register yourself as a volunteer and we will get in touch with you.

Q. How can I sponsor for any of the initiative?

A. You may write/talk to us for sponsoring any initiative. Contact details are given in the website.