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N Reach (NGO Accreditation Program)

India has thousands of NGOs involved in providing education and training to the underprivileged youth in both rural and urban areas. Many of them are having infrastructure in place but they lack in providing quality and structured education to their students. Also, certified & quality trainer is not available in most of the places.

To address this problem, NIIT Foundation (a not-for-profit education society) launched an initiative that offers services to NGOs focusing on education and training of underprivileged youth. The services include training & certification of teachers in the partner NGOs as well as pre-assessments, post-assessments and certification of the students.

This program equips teachers and students with the latest competitive modules which are proven effective in the current industry. Students, upon completion of the course are also presented certification by NIIT Foundation, which helps the NGO in placements of its students.

NIIT Foundation invites NGOs to use these services when and as per need. The programs can be catered to the need of the NGO keeping certain necessary structural elements intact.

What we offer:

  • Train the Trainer Program
  • Certification to the Trainer
  • Quality Packaged Courseware on Basic IT
  • Trainer Guide for Basic IT course
  • Certification to the Students

How does the program work:

  • Identify and select the NGO
  • Sign MOU with the selected NGO
  • Training and Certification for the faculty
  • Formation of the batch of students
  • Delivery of the mapped courseware
  • Internal assessment and Attendance
  • Final assessment & certification

What benefits will the partner NGO get:

  • Association with NIIT Foundation
  • Consistency of training delivery
  • Training and Certification for faculty & students
  • Students placement where required

How students will get benefited:

  • Structured course and tested quality
  • Classes by certified faculty
  • World-wide recognized certification from NIIT Foundation

Our select partners:

  • Magic Bus India Foundation

  • Miracle Foundation, India

  • Deepalaya

  • Fena Foundation

  • Association for Non Traditional Employment for Women

  • Noida Deaf Society


  • Dhan Foundation

  • Sleepwell Foundation

  • Doctors For You

  • Katha

  • National Federation of the Blind

  • SOS Children’s Village of India

You may contact NReach Team at  for further information.

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