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Help an underserved,unreached and uncared for Indian participate in building India

Consider these astonishing facts:

  • 71% of Indians are below 35 years of age. (We are a “young” country.)
  • Between 90% to 94% these either never go to school or drop out between kindergarten and class 10+2. Just 6% make it to the 10+2 stage and even the regular college degree which our “educated” youth go in for is most often irrelevant in today’s context for the sake of employment generation and National GDP enhancement.
  • While 95% of the world youth between 15 to 35 years of age learn a vocation, a skill or a trade, hardly 2% of our population goes for formal Vocational training! What makes matters worse is that we in India have identified only 71 trades from an available choice of 2,500 Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs.
  • Out of our 430 million workforce, a staggering 94% work in the ‘unorganized sector’ and about 6% in the ‘organized sector’.

We, the Affirmative Action Group of NF, have already started the process of causing a positive change…

The task is huge and our efforts just a drop in the ocean. But we are determined to make a visible difference and also make it sustainable. We already have 19 NIIT Yuva Star centers in Delhi-NCR and Jaipur for slum-youth and 2 District Learning Centers catering to the rural youth in Chhindwara and Barkuhi (Madhya Pradesh). These centers provide vocational and life skills training to marginalized boys and girls in the age group of 17 to 25. We run a variety of courses that we subsidize for maximizing reach. In the last two years we have already impacted 5000 students across all our centers. And this year, we would be touching the lives of 10,000 more youth.

It is amazing to witness the transformation that our training and placements have been able to create in the young Indian, the immediate family, the community and the local population. Click here to read some stories.

Looking at the number of lives we want to impact, we have to expand and scale our initiative – and for this we need support and partnership from like-minded people such as you. You can help right now by becoming a part of this movement. Here are some of the ways in which you may like to be involved with the efforts:

For sponsorship, you can choose from the following options:

Youth training and employment in Urban Slum and Rural Centres:

  • 4 months basic course (like English and Retail training) for 10th and 12th class pass youth, which gets them jobs in the range of INR 5-7k per month – Support with INR 5000.00 per student.
  • 6 months high-end courses (like Multimedia/Graphics) for 10th class pass youth, which gets them jobs in the range of INR 8-12k per month – Support with INR 10,000.00 per student.
  • One year high-end training (primarily for rural graduates) that gets them jobs in the range of INR 10-15k – Support with INR 20,000.00 per student.

You could also support education for girl child/ hearing impaired/backward classes, sponsor infrastructure facilities/setup components etc.