Success Story

Piyush is studying at PrathmikShalaJunaBorbhatha in Class 7th. His father earned for the family as an auto driver and mother sells vegetables in the market. 

By nature, Piyush is a slow learner and he takes time to understand topics and learn. Conventional teaching-learning methods were becoming quite burdensome for him as it is not giving him enough time to absorb the understanding. He was lagging behind his classmates from a learning point of view and thus he no more felt like coming to the school regularly. He used to feel left out and self-restricted. According to his teacher Hemlata Ben, he was very shy as compared to his other peers and never being able to concentrate in class room activities. He was always a back bencher and lack confidence to speak. He was quite weak in the subjects like Mathematics, Science and English. 

Hole-in-the-Wall learning station (HiWEP) stared in the month of February, 2018 in PrathmikShalaJunaBorbhatha School. He started using HiWEP Learning Station which gave him much needed learning pace and that too as many times as he liked in a play-way learning method. This helped him to understand the topics and absorb the learning at his own pace and presented the opportunity to repeat the process as many time he needed to. The concepts and lessons were learned using many examples and in a very interactive manner, so that he could grasp and easily understand the subject.

He has been a regular visitor at HiWEP since then and he is able to search pictures and set them as wallpaper on his computer. He uses MS paint a lot and does math’s activities.This has also improved his problem-solving attitude. He also encourages children to come to the Learning Station and teaches all other children on how to use HiWEP learning station and its contents.


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