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Hole in the Wall Learning Stations

A thought, a hypothesis, a series of experiments, a lot of innovation and research lead to the genesis of an organization, known to the world as Hole-in-the-Wall Education Limited (HiWEL). HiWEL as an organization was established in 2001 as a joint venture between NIIT Limited and International Finance Corporation (World Bank). Over the past decade, HiWEL has evolved both as an idea and as an organization. The commitment towards imparting a playful learning environment to the underserved kids by setting up Playground Learning Stations (PLS) that go beyond the school boundaries provides the impetus to the team to reach out to the remotest of the locations.

Right from the conceptual stage from being a brainchild of Dr. Sugata Mitra, the endeavor has always been to provide a “Minimally Invasive” learning mechanism that enables the child to learn through self and group exploration in an unsupervised environment. Progressing in accordance with the mission of bridging the digital divide by offering exciting and effective education and learning experiences to the deprived groups, a HiWEL PLS gets used by children and community at large as their window to education and information.

Key Features:

  • Invokes self-learning through a joyful playground learning platform.
  • Caters to both in-school & out-of-school children.
  • Requires minimal adult intervention in a self-organised group learning model
  • Sustainable solution for varied geographical & remote areas.
  • Provides equal opportunity for the girl child irrespective of any discrimination.
  • Helps reduce drop-out & increases retention in school set-up.
  • Motivates out-of-school children to join the main stream education
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Today, over 500 learning stations directly impact hundreds of thousands of children and community members across India, Bhutan and Cambodia in Asia and several countries in the African continent.

Success Story


Piyush Naresh Bhai Patwadiya is studying at Prathmik Shala Juna Borbhatha in Class VII. His father works as an auto driver and mother sells vegetables at a nearby market. Piyush has always been a slow learner in school. He takes time to understand concepts. Conventional teaching learning methods were not giving him enough time to absorb what was being taught in class. He found subjects like Maths, Science and English to be difficult. He was lagging behind in his studies and loosing interest in coming to school. According to his teacher, Ms. Hemlata Ben, he was very reserved as compared to his other peers and would be restless in class. He would sit at the back of the classroom and would not participate.

Hole-in-the-Wall learning station (HiWEP) started in the month of February 2018 at Piyush’s school. He began using the HiWEP Learning Station. He enjoyed the play-way learning method. The station uses examples to explain concepts and Piyush could learn according to his pace and interest. He began to slowly understand subjects and could even revise topics on the station.

Piyush is grasping subjects due to this interactive method of learning. He is a regular visitor at the station now. He uses MS Paint a lot and manages to solve Maths problems with ease on the system. He encourages other children to use the learning station as well. His concentration and participation in class has visibly improved and he wants to go to school everyday.