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School Programs

A thought, a hypothesis, a series of experiments, a lot of innovation and research lead to the genesis of an organization, known to the world as Hole-in-the-Wall Education Limited (HiWEL). NIIT Foundation works to ensure that children from underserved communities are educated, live in dignity and develop better future for themselves and their families. Community School Programs offered by NIIT Foundation focus on government schools which often lacks proper IT infrastructure, relevant course-ware and trained faculties. Such programs enable these schools to get access to a structured mode of teaching resulting in well-learned students.

Our Schoom Program’s focus has been to empower educators and students to teach and learn through exploration, to adapt to individual learning needs, so that they can learn, design, invent and build with technology with ease and at their own rate. This programme is primarily focused towards empowering students from the underserved communities by helping them realize their full potential and connecting them to higher education.

School Program for Differently Abled Students

Technology can equip differently abled students with skills with the help of which they would seamlessly adjust into a world largely dominated and steered by technology. NIIT Foundation in collaboration with Corporate partners has been running Digital Learning Programme  for SWD (students with disability).

The core objective of this program is to help students with many types of impairments and provide accessible technology solutions that address them. Via this programme, we aim to empower educators and students to teach and learn through exploration so they can come in mainstream with technology. Overall, the aim of the project is to enable anytime, anywhere learning for differently abled students.